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Customisations can be made via Settings

The Settings modal can be shown by clicking on the top left menu icon. Here you will find the following settings;

Robot Customisations

Human Detection

When enabled, robots will stop moving when humans are detected. Custom auxiliary commands (such as turning off the UV light) can be pre-programmed. Used for specific use-cases, the human detection usually leads to certain behaviours. For example;

When a UV disinfection robot detects a human, the UV lights will be disabled to prevent harm unto the detected human


When faced with obstacles, the robot will not attempt to plan around the obstacle for safety reasons.

This is particularly useful when the environment is tight or with fragile objects; robots will not keep reattempting to navigate (forward, backward, forward...) but wait for human intervention.

Teleoperation Safety

In teleoperation mode, robots will still stop if faced with obstacles.

As robots are not always in human users' view, robots will automatically stop when faced with obstacles even in manual / Teleoperation mode. This may present unintended behaviours to the robot to the user therefore an option for users to turn off or on

Battery Threshold

Set a battery percentage (in %) and the robot will automatically navigate back to home and dock (if available) when the battery level falls under the set percentage.

When at Home and charging, if users intend to disconnect the robot, a modal will warn and prompt the user this battery fallback toggle to be disabled - as the robot will keep re-attempting to return to home to charge

Account Management

To ensure only authorised staff are allowed to connect and operate the robot, users are able to create new credentials to provide access with end users or staff.

The user management feature is currently being revamped. Please expect an update soon

Language Switcher

Presently, only Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) are supported officially as an extra language in Seirios RNS.

For additional languages, please use your browser's translator (Google Translate for Chrome) in the meantime.


Users using Seirios in different environments and conditions have the option to switch between dark and light mode - under Settings

Health Care

Errors are logged and displayed here under 'Health Care'

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