5️⃣Full Licence Activation

Skip this step if you are only evaluating Seirios RNS on a trial license

To view the remainder of the days left of your trial license, enter localhost:1947in your browser of choice

The Seirios RNS license is specific to the individual PC/robot that you are installing it on. The license that has been activated cannot be transferred and used on another machine.

  1. Retrieve the c2v file

    1. Generate your fingerprint of the PC by executing this command: cd ~/catkin_ws/movel_ai/license/ ./hasp_update_34404 f hasp_34404.c2v (x86) ./hasp_update_34404_arm64 f hasp_34404.c2v (arm64)

    2. You will see the new c2v file on the /home/<USER>/catkin_ws/movel_ai/license/hasp_34404.c2v

    c2v (customer-to-vendor) is a fingerprint of your PC/robot that Movel AI requires to generate a licensed product

  2. Send a c2v file to sales@movel.ai or your Movel AI representative to request the license activation

  3. Movel AI will send a v2c file with installation instructions

  4. Send Movel AI the updated c2v file with the license activated

  5. Keep the v2c and c2v files safe for future reference with Movel AI

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