'Easy-deploy' for Seirios

Installation is easy with simple commands on the command line interface. Before you start, please ensure your system has both Ubuntu and ROS installed. Recommended;
(x86_64) Ubuntu 20.04 & ROS Noetic OR (arm64) Ubuntu 18.04 & ROS Melodic

Step 1

The easy-deploy package can be obtained from our Movel AI representative or can be downloaded from the following mirrors. Please ensure the right mirror for the right architecture (arm64 or x86 is selected)
Follow the instructions on the following pages to completely install Seirios RNS:
Google Drive Link
Mirror (Terabox)
arm64 (currently unavailable)
A trial license of 15 days is included in this easy-deploy package. Tuning of your robot parameters and configuration is required after installation. Please contact your Movel AI representative or email [email protected] for support and assistance.
Custom features such as docking to charging stations are not included as it is a custom feature that requires development and integration. If you have a docking /custom feature code, please refer to this link for integration
Move the easy-deploy zip file to your home directory /home/<USER> and extract the zip using the Archive Manager (<USER> refers to the account username).
Extract/Unzip Easy Deploy package
Extract/Unzip Easy Deploy package
Files in the Easy Deploy package

Step 2

  1. 1.
    Now, we need to run the installation in a Terminal
  2. 2.
    Right-click in the file explorer and open a Terminal in the extracted easy-deploy folder/directory
“Open in Terminal” for extracted easy deploy folder
Directory easy-deploy in Terminal
Then we move to the next part to install docker.