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Software Checks

For seamless integration with Seirios RNS, it is important to set up some key robotics software and drivers in your robot system. The following is a checklist of things that Seirios RNS requires your robot system to have before Seirios is installed:
  • Motor drivers
    • Ensure that the motor driver node is running properly and can be controlled via teleoperation from the command line.
    • Ensure that the motor driver node is subscribed to the /cmd_vel topic
    • Else, remap it to subscribe to /cmd_vel topic
  • Sensors
    • Ensure that the sensors are launched and running properly
    • Ensure that they are publishing data to the appropriate ROS topics
    • Ensure that the lidar is publishing a 2D scan to /scan topic
  • TF check
    • Ensure that all the robot links have an appropriate tf to the odom link
    • The tf tree can be visualized using $ rosrun rqt_tf_tree rqt_tf_tree
Example of TF Tree from rqt_tf_tree
TF for base_link to scan:
  • Ensure that there is a direct tf link between the base_link frame and the laser frame as it is required by Seirios RNS
Direct Link/TF from base_link to laser is required
  • RVIZ sensor data visualisation
    • Using RViz, visualize the sensor data. The fixed frame used should be odom
    • Add the tf visualization and ensure all the frames tfs have no warnings
RVIZ TF Display Status (All Are OK, No Warnings)