🚩Task Manager

For autonomous operations, use the Task Manager to queue different tasks together and introduce different elements such as Delays and Stations

From the top left corner, click the hamburger menu button to expand the options and click on Task Manager. You will be presented with two options, Tasklist and Scheduler.

These two options share many similarities but Scheduler introduces the element of time on top of queued tasks.

Queueing Tasks

From here, select Tasks (Path, Goal, Zone, Station, Custom or Delay) to create a list of tasks that can be run with a single click.

After saving the list, your tasks can be previewed as shown below

From here, run your Tasks now by clicking 'Run Now' or put this Tasklist into the queue with 'Add to Queue' at the bottom of the screen

Scheduling Tasks

To schedule these tasks to run at a later date/time, edit the task (by clicking the pencil icon) and input the date and time details

You can also save these scheduled tasklists as Active or Inactive

State Machines

Seirios supports integration with state machines. Flexbe is tried and tested to be compatible with Seirios and it includes an editor with which you can create your own conditions;

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