Quick Start

Adding Your First Robot

Adding A Robot to FMS

  1. On the top right of your dashboard, click Create > Robot

  2. Fill in the details of your robot, then click Submit

  3. After clicking the Submit button, you will get a robot token

Connecting The Robot

In this documentation, we are using the RNS plugin. However, you can choose to use any plugin you like. The steps would be similar.

  1. Copy the robot token (if you couldn’t remember the token, go to My Robots then click on the robot)

  2. Open a terminal on your robot’s machine and run the following command (replace <robot token> with your token):

docker run --net host -e ROBOT_KEY=<robot token> registry.gitlab.com/movelai/fms_v2.0/plugins/rns-plugin:latest
  1. Check the robot’s detail page. It now should appear that the robot is connected.

Creating Your First Project

Now that you have a robot connected to FMS, it’s time to create a project in which the robot will operate.

Create A Project

  1. On the top right of your dashboard, click Create > Project

  2. Set project owner to “self”

  3. Specify project name and description, then click Submit

Add Your Robot to Your Project

Now we need to add our robot to the new project.

  1. Go to robot management of the new project

    1. Go to My Projects

    2. Click on the project

    3. Go to Robot Management page

  2. Click on Assign Robot

  3. Select your new robot and click Submit

  4. Now you should see that the robot is included in the project

Now that you have a robot online and connected to a project, you can start doing fun things with your robots on FMS.

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