Single event tasks are tasks that can be executed with one click
Trails and Waypoints are Single event tasks
There are only two types of tasks in Seirios RNS;
  • Trail : where robot will follow the generated lines closely (will not deviate outside). When faced with obstacles, robot will stop until obstacles are removed.
  • Waypoints: where robot will not follow the lines and obstacles will be dynamically avoided (unless setting is toggled to stop-at-obstacle)


Teleop Trail

In this mode, users are required to Mark each point and a line will be generated between points.
Lines will be generated between marked points

Mark Trail

Similar to Teleop Trail, instead of moving the robot to mark, use the on-screen marker to drop points. Lines will be generated automatically.
The orientation is automatically defined after your next point is marked. Otherwise, use the WASD or analog controls to change the orientation


The Zone feature can automatically generate points (trail style) in a specified area.
Robot will execute generated points in trail style - obstacles will not be avoided and will follow exactly the line that is generated
You will require a minimum of 3 points to save a zone
The generated zone will look like this, where points will be generated close to each other;


Waypoints are similar to Mark Trail where the only difference is that the robot does not follow the generated line closely. Obstacles will be avoided as the robot navigates in its environment.
If you are only marking one point, change the orientation of the pose with either your keyboard or the analog controls
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