Starting Seirios

  1. After restarting the PC/machine, Seirios will automatically start every time the machine powers up.

  2. To start Seirios manually, open a Terminal and enter your workspace by running the command cd ~/catkin_ws/movel_ai

  3. Run docker-compose up to start the docker containers for Seirios (output will be shown in the terminal) Run docker-compose up -d to start Seirios in the background (no output will be shown in the terminal)

  4. To stop Seirios, go into the terminal where Seirios is currently running, and use Ctrl+C (if you run by using docker-compose up) OR run docker-compose down in another terminal with the same directory. This will lead to the Docker containers being stopped.

  5. To check for docker containers running at any point of time, run docker ps. If Seirios is up and running, you should expect to see the different containers of Seirios components being displayed. Otherwise, it should yield an empty table. You can also check the version of Seirios by using docker ps.

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