Installation Steps

Before you start installing FMS, it's important to note that the current main method of installing FMS is by using Docker. You'll need to install docker on your own or use our installation script.

  1. Download the latest FMS Easy Deploy version and unzip/extract the folder to a preferred directory

FMS Easy Deploy contains the installation scripts and will also act as the working space for the FMS installation.

unzip fms_easy_deploy_vx.y.z.zip -d fms_easy_deploy
  1. Install docker on the host machine

You can install docker on your own by following the guide from the official website, or you can also install docker by using our docker installation script from the fms easy deploy directory:

  1. Run the installation script

After installing docker, we can proceed with the installation process which mainly involves pulling the official FMS docker images.

  1. Start the containers

In order to start FMS, you can use the start script which will load the environment variables and run the containers based on the docker compose file.


You can also use the stop script to stop the docker containers easily.


Uninstalling FMS

If you want to uninstall FMS which involves removing docker images and volumes. We provide a convenience script:


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