🥁Non-Fully Qualified Tasks

There are two types of Non-Fully Qualified Tasks, Auxiliary Tasks, and Custom Tasks.

Auxiliary Tasks

Auxiliary tasks are executables such as lights, music, sound, or others*.

They are created and executed independently.

They must be 'stacked' on top of fully qualified tasks and will be executed together at the specified time and sequence

You can fill name for the Aux Task Name, then there are 3 Types that you can choose. 1. Roslaunch File: You can launch your aux task using the roslaunch file, please fill the LaunchFile as the full path of the launch file that you want to launch. 2. Rosnode: You can launch your aux task by calling the rosnode, please fill the Pkg as the package of the rosnode, and Executable as the executable file. It will similar to this: rosrun <Package> <Executable> 3. Executable Scripts: You can launch the aux task by executing the executable scripts, please fill the Executable as the full path of the script file, and also you can add the arguments as well (optional). It will similar to this: bash ./script.sh arg

Custom Tasks

Custom tasks are tasks that move robots - such as docking or picking with a robotic arm. These movements are programmed as custom tasks and can be chained with other tasks to create a fully autonomous robotic operation.

For more details on how to integrate your own custom task code, please refer to our external process handler guide

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